Newsletter August 2023

Santa Anita Bonsai Society

Founding President/ Sensei
Jim Barrett

Bonsai Notebook

Next SABS Meeting:
Aug 12, 2023
At the home of Peter & Marissa Macaseib
West Covina, CA

Our August 12 meeting will be another road trip. We will meet at the home of Peter and Marissa Macasieb in West Covina. Again, we will meet at 6:00pm to take advantage of the daylight.

The meeting will be part two of our air-layering project that began at the April meeting.
In April Peter showed us how to make the girdling cuts on a large pyracantha that were necessary for an air-layer form of propagation.
Members then participated by making the cuts and attaching small pots with soil to individual pyracantha branches on the tall mother tree.
Peter has taken care of the tree since April, and the individual air-layers are ready to be removed.
Members will now have the opportunity to separate an air-layered, shohin-sized pyracantha as an individual tree.
Hopefully, all our members who participated in part one of this project will finish with part two and take home a new tree.

We encourage everyone to attend whether you took part in the project or not to finish learning the project details.
Air-layering is a great way to propagate new trees and can easily be replicated by anyone wishing to try.

Come and enjoy the learning experience and also take advantage of seeing Peter’s amazing bonsai collection at the same time.

President’s Corner

We have experienced a prolonged heatwave in July, and I am sure there will be more heat to follow.
Water is always a critical component of our tree care. Try to water early in the morning, so water can soak in well before the heat evaporates it.
The soil in small pots will naturally dry out quicker and probably need additional watering on 100 degree-plus days.
Misting is a great addition also. If you have a “mist” setting on your hose nozzle, you can mist your trees sometime during the day to help slow down evaporation and help prevent leaf burning.
Shade cloth (available at most nurseries) can help a lot by keeping the direct sunlight broken up during the heat of the day.
Shade cloth and misting can work together to help our trees weather the hottest days of summer.

Members Corner

  • Santa Anita Bonsai Society is an amazing club– join us any time….
    Annual dues are $20 for Individuals and $25 for family memberships.
    Dues may be paid by cash or check.
    If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to support SABS please contact Lorraine at [email protected] to receive a mail –in membership form.
  • For security reasons we are not posting address and directions for the August meeting.
    Most of us have been to Peter & Marissa’s and know the way. If this is your 1st time visiting please contact Lorraine at [email protected] or other SABS members for directions & information.
  • We’re trying something new– “ad lib” Refreshments!
    The sign up sheet was blank this month so, if you feel like sharing a tasty treat with others who love to eat please bring an appetizer, snack or dessert to add to our refreshment table.
    Water is provided.
  • A special “thank you” to all who brought appetizers, snacks and desserts to our July Meeting at David & June’s: Judy Anthony, Manuel Dizon, David & June Nguy, Vic Shelton, Wendy Tsai

July 2023 Meeting Highlights

We have been excluded from having meetings at the Arboretum because of summer concerts for many years now.
As a result, we have had to use alternative meeting locations.
We have been very fortunate in that we have established a tradition of being able to meet at two very special venues.
In August we will have a meeting at the home of Peter Macasieb and be surrounded by his inspiring bonsai collection.

In July we had our annual trip to the home of David and June Nguy.
We were excited to have the opportunity to not only have a great demonstration, but to walk through one of the best collections of bonsai trees available in Southern California.
The setting, with the trees and tea house created such an amazing atmosphere for bonsai enthusiasts.
David is such a good teacher, talking so well about tree design and wiring.
We always leave with a better understanding of our art form, and we appreciate the wonderful hospitality provided by both David and June.

Thank you David & June !!!!

During the evening, David designed and styled a beautiful juniper tree for our members.
We learned a lot from the experience

and Susan Dao was the lucky winner of the demo tree

Photos by Anthony A & Mike K – many thanks!

A Special thank you to our July Raffle Donors

Jerry Banuelos, Sue Cook, Mike Kelly, Christian Lebano, Bryan Nicholson, Wendy Tsai

And to all who so generously purchased raffle tickets
SABS appreciates your support !

2023 Monthly Meeting Dates

Aug 12
Location: in West Covina
Demo: Peter Macasieb
Air Layering part 2

Sept 09
Location: Eastern Leaf Nursery
Demo: Jason Chan

Oct 14
Location: Matt Denny’s Ale House- Arcadia

Demo: Robert Hoogeveen

Refreshment Schedule
Snacks & Appetizers & Desserts

Aug 12
“ad lib” Refreshments
Please bring your favorite snack, appetizer or dessert to share

Upcoming Community Events

Sept 22-24
Kofu Kai Bonsai Show at the Bowers Museum
2002 N. Main St., Santa Ana

Oct 20-22
GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous, Hotel Mission De Oro, Santa Nella
209-826-4444 for reservations (rooms going quickly, other motels in town) for info
Just announced– additional workshop options to be released on Aug 1

Come Join Us

Next Meeting
Date: Aug 12, 2023
Time: 6 pm
Location: Home of Peter & Marissa Macasieb, West Covina, CA

If you need directions contact Lorraine at [email protected]

You are invited to come early and take a walk around the Garden
there is much to see