May 2024 Update

Next Meeting: May 11, 2024

LA Arboretum- Palm Room


May’s meeting will be a BYOT (bring your own tree), or whatever you want advice, help, or just need to finish prepping for the show. FYI – this would be a good time to moss your display items, so the moss has a little time to settle in. This is also an opportunity to bring things you are thinking about using, and getting suggestions or opinions before making final decisions on your display(s).

For questions and information please contact Bryan Nicholson at [email protected]

Newsletter April 2024

Santa Anita Bonsai Society

Bonsai Notebook

In preparation for our upcoming show, local bonsai master Lindsey Shiba will be joining us, to discuss and workshop display options.
Plan to bring the tree(s), accent(s), stand(s), and other items you are considering showing at our May show, and play with us to find the best option(s).
This will be an interactive meeting—come prepared!

President’s Message

Greetings Santa Anita Bonsai Society!

As the new president, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer our sincere thank you to both Dave and Lorraine for their years of tireless service and work to keep our club functioning.
While they are not leaving, they are in the process of taking a well-deserved opportunity to enjoy just being members.
Join me in saying thank you!

I want to say thank you to all those club members who stepped forward and volunteered to be part of the leadership of our club, taking on the work of making our meeting and activities succeed.
Join me in welcoming:
Vice President (& Program Chair): Anthony Aguirre
Secretary & Badges: David Melitz
Membership Chair: Sue Cook (w/ Lorraine Miles)
Hospitality Chair: Manuel Dizon
Raffle Chair: Becky Villasenor (w/ Mike Kelly)

We have a few positions that are still needing people. I invite you to think about being part of your club.
It is only when we all step up and help out that our club thrives.
Website Manager
Newsletter Editor

If you have any interested in being more involved in your club, let me know, and we can chat about how you can be more involved.

As your new president of Santa Anita Bonsai Society, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who do not know me, and remind those that do who I am.
My name is Thomas Bryan William Nicholson – most bonsai people call me Bryan, though at this point in my life, I tend to answer to just about any of them.
I began my official bonsai journey back in 1994 as a wee high school student.
Prior to that, I was a gardener who was trying out all sorts of things (I was a kid, I was learning – and still am).

I have been on boards since I was 18, starting as VP for Shohin (now defunct club) where I planned programing.
I chaired the Bonsai-A-Thon following Ted in 2000, as well as serving on a few other local club boards.

A native Texan, I have spent most of my life living between there and here, so the occasional y’all is to be expected.

I look forward to meeting all our members in the coming months, and please feel free to reach out and say howdy.

In other club business, now is the time to be looking at your trees and start planning what you want to show at our annual show this coming May 24~27, 2024 (over Memorial Day Weekend).
Anthony is planning various programs over the next few months that will help us all be better prepared to show our trees, and have a really great show.

Thank you to everyone that has been involved in keeping our club going, and I look forward to working with you all to continue that legacy.

You are welcome to reach out and contact me either via email or phone/text:
[email protected] or


“Thank You” to our Raffle Donors

  • Ted Matson
  • Becky Villasenor
  • Dave Miles
  • Jim & Helen Barrett
  • YS Farn
  • Jerry Banuelos
  • Anthony Aquirre
  • Mike Kelly

57th Annual Show Information and Sign UP

Now is the time to decide what you want to show at our upcoming exhibit.
You can follow this QR code (see attached newsletter or use link below) to sign-up and let us know what you want to show,
and when you want to volunteer to staff our show.
Paper copies will be available at our
next meeting. (URL:

Last Month’s Meeting Highlights- Feb 2024

Last month SABS hosted Ted Matson as our program leader.
Ted reviewed the trees members brought, and provided both immediate critique in preparation for our upcoming show, as well as offering insights for the longterm health and development of trees.

One key takeaway I learned—when applying moss to your tree, paint it with a slurry of worm castings; this will provide the moss with nutrients in the transition, as well as providing a moisture reservoir without affecting the underlying soil.

Upcoming Events

Friendship Through Bonsai at Shisei-En — April 20, 2024 (Chino)

San Diego Bonsai Club, Spring Show—April 27th & 28th, 2024 (Balboa Park, San Diego)

Chino Bonsai Club, Fourth Annual Show – May 4th & 5th 2024 (San Gabriel)

Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai, Annual Show—May 11th & 12th, 2024 (Gardena)

Santa Anita Bonsai Society, Annual Show—May 25th ~27th, 2024 (Arcadia)

You can find all the Northern California shows on GSBF’s website.

2024 Monthly Meeting Dates

April 13—Display & show preparation

May 11— Club Meeting (Program TBA)

May 24—Show Set Up

May 25-27—SABS Annual Show

June 8— Club Meeting (Program TBA)


Our snack table is only as good as our members—and the delicious snacks we all bring to share!

Water provided