Newsletter - June 2019

Bonsai Notebook

The June 8 meeting will feature Steve Valentine, coming all the way from San Diego. Steve has been a bonsai artist for many years and been active throughout the state.

Steve saw his first bonsai exhibit at the Del Mar Fair in 1965. He studied...Read More »

Newsletter - May 2019

Bonsai Notebook

Saikei Workshop with Al Nelson begins at 5pm

We have a special program scheduled for our May 11 meeting. Al Nelson will be our guest, and he will lead a saikei workshop with eight of our members. The participating members and Al’s team of assistants will...Read More »

Newsletter - April 2019

Bonsai Notebook

We have another great evening of bonsai planned for April. Our guest will be Ted Matson, so it will be an opportunity to learn the critical details of bonsai development. Ted has the wonderful ability to communicate his knowledge very clearly throughout his demonstrations. It is...Read More »

Newsletter - March 2019

Bonsai Notebook

Bring a tree to the March meeting and take advantage of a free workshop with Lindsay Shiba. You are welcome to bring more than one tree. Lindsay will help you take your material to the next level of design and development. We don’t have workshops...Read More »

Newsletter - February 2019

Bonsai Notebook

Frank Goya will be with us at the February 9 meeting to demonstrate the development of a three-tree saikei. Franks says he is cutting back on doing demos, so this will probably be the last time we will have him showing us his talent with saikei...Read More »

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