Newsletter - March 2020

Bonsai Notebook

We have a unique dual demonstration planned for the March 14 meeting at the Arboretum. Jason Saito and Jaime Chavarria will be talking about and demonstrating the differences and similarities between two distinct styles of landscape plantings; a rock planting (ishitsuki) , and a Chinese...Read More »

Newsletter - February 2020

Bonsai Notebook

The February 8 meeting at the Arboretum will feature long-time member Louis Camerota. As you recall, Lou is an expert at raising and training Satsuki azalea bonsai. Lou’s beautiful azaleas have been awarded “Best of Show” in our club shows. Last year Lou talked...Read More »

Newsletter - January 2020

Bonsai Notebook

Santa Anita Bonsai Society
Holiday Potluck, Demo and Raffle
January 11, 2020

For Food: Club will provide main dish and drinks. Bring your favorite side, salad or dessert to share

The Raffle: Bring an item for the table

The January 11 meeting is...Read More »

Newsletter - November2019

Bonsai Notebook

Because of a scheduled night event at the Arboretum, our November 9 will be held at Longo Toyota in El Monte at 7:00pm. (See the directions below) Takashi “Tak” Shimazu will be our guest...Read More »

Newsletter - October 2019

Bonsai Notebook

The October 12 meeting will be held at the Arboretum at 7:00pm, our usual place and time. Our guest demonstrator will be Mel Ikeda. What a pleasure to have him back to share his extensive expertise in bonsai styling.

Mel grew up in bonsai, learning from...Read More »

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