During 1960, customers of the Komai Bonsai Nursery lamented that there was no place in the San Gabriel Valley where they could go to learn more about bonsai. Later that year, a study group was formed with Jim Barrett as the volunteer instructor.

Shortly thereafter, a small group met at the home of Melba Tucker and in 1961 the Santa Anita Bonsai Society was formed. Three of the original members were still active at the 35th Anniversary Show held in May 1999.

In May 2022, the Santa Anita Bonsai Society (SABS) held it’s 56th Anniversary Show. The Annual Bonsai Exhibition is always at the Los Angeles County Arboretum. Monthly meetings are also conducted at the LAC Arboretum and at selected sites throughout our community. The ‘Society’ is one of the oldest of more than 31 bonsai clubs currently active in California and is a member of the Golden State Bonsai Federation. You may visit the GSBF at www.gsbf-bonsai.org.

Learn more about our membership and activities by attending a monthly meeting, subscribing to our newsletter, The Bonsai Notebook, visiting our  www.sabonsai.org website or contacting one of our Club Officers.