Private Bonsai Sale

Dear Members and any interested bonsai enthusiast,

Our club was contacted recently through our web page by a woman named Raquel Mizrahi. Raquel said her uncle passed away and left a bonsai collection of approximately 100 trees. She gave no further description.

Her aunt will be having a sale for the trees on Monday Sept.21. Anyone interested in attending the tree sale can contact Raquel and her aunt for the sale times and any other information. The address of the sale location is 9209 Downey Ave., Downey, CA. Telephone # 562-861-8162, Mobile Phone # 562-619-9033.


September Meeting Update

Santa Anita Bonsai Society
September 2020 meeting is cancelled

Santa Anita Bonsai Society Members,

There will be no club meeting in September.  At this point, I could probably stop sending letters and repeating this message and just let you know when we can meet.  However, these letters are at least one way I can stay in touch with all of you.  The Santa Anita Bonsai Society still exists, and it is important to maintain our common interest in bonsai.  Even though we don’t meet, taking care of our trees is something we all share in spirit.  It is great therapy during the isolation caused by the virus.

We are coming to the end of summer and will soon be in the fall season.  The beautiful fall colors in our deciduous trees will put on a show for us to enjoy.  The strong summer growth patterns in most of our trees will begin to slow down.  We can start cutting back on pruning and use less nitrogen-based fertilizers.  Start turning to more potash and phosphorous feeding, and your trees will love it.

I hope you have had the opportunity to watch Peter Macasieb’s three-part twisted Itoigawa demonstration on our website.  Peter shares a lot of great information that is usable on any of our trees.  The videos are still on our website for viewing.  Thanks again to Peter, Matt, Song and Robert for making the videos possible for us.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lorraine & I at or via our website at

Stay well and I will stay in touch,