Newsletter – August 2017

2017-08-Img01Bonsai Notebook

Join us at the August meeting when we welcome back Cesareo Perez as our demonstrator.  Cesareo is another of our local bonsai artists who make the Southern California area so rich with talent.

As a teenager, Cesareo started working at bonsai after seeing trees at the Pittsburgh, PA  Arboretum.  He styled trees with no idea how to do it correctly.  After moving to California, he joined the Descanso Bonsai Society.


Cesareo began studying with Jim Barrett and still does today.  Over the years he has studied with John Naka, Khan Komai, and Harry Hirao.  Cesareo is a member of California Bonsai Society, Nampu Kai, and Descanso Bonsai Society.  He is a regular demonstrator at the annual Bonsai-A-Thon.

This month, Cesareo will demonstrate a group planting using Leucophylla, also known as “white lead tree” or “Mexican miracle tree”.  Come to the August meeting and see Cesareo’s talent at work.

Meeting Time And Place:
August 12 at 7pm
LAC Arboretum / Palm Room

President’s Corner

Taken from Marty Mann’s book, Bonsai Ideas: ”Warm days and cool nights  encourage development of new tip growth, long internodes, and lush foliage.  Maintenance includes pinching and plucking of growing tips and cutting back the branches”.

This kind of summer work will help develop shorter internodes and secondary branching.  It is easy to let our trees get away from us with quick growth (don’t ask me how I know this).  Keep up with trimming so the sun can get into the middle of the trees and promote growth close the trunk and not at the end of empty branches.

Watering, of course, continues to be critical.  Doing it in the early morning is considered the best time, so moisture has a chance to soak in well before the daily heat evaporates it.

This is a Marty Mann tip for improving color in our foliage: one tablespoon of blood meal dissolved in one cup of water. Dilute this concentrated solution with one gallon of water when you are ready to use it.

~Dave Miles

July Meeting Highlights

The weather was perfect, and we had a great crowd for our July meeting at Peter Macasieb’s home. Peter’s tree collection, once again, was awe inspiring to everyone in attendance.  We all wondered how he successfully manages so many trees.  The trees were everywhere except in the pool.

2017-08-Img05  2017-08-Img04

Thanks to Marissa Macasieb for the food and hospitality she provided, and to all the members who brought food.  No one went home hungry.

As the newsletter shows, Peter’s demo tree was outstanding.  The prostrata juniper trunk had four year old itoigawa juniper grafts for foliage and was very healthy.  Peter did carving on the trunk in advance to accentuate the live vein spiraling up the trunk.  His styling was beautifully done, and the finished tree was definitely a future masterpiece.

2017-08-Img03  2017-08-Img07

The big member turnout, excellent demo tree, and full raffle table combined for the largest raffle sale we have seen.  Thank you to everyone who bought tickets, and thanks again to Peter and Marissa Macasieb for their  hospitality.

The very lucky winner of the demo tree was Sophia Rodriguez.  Congratulations Sophia.

2017-08-Img02A Special “Thank You” To the many Raffle Donors The raffle table was amazing

Newsletter Update

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Upcoming Events

August 26-27
Nampu Kai annual show during Nisei Week
at the Japanese American Cultural Center
224 S. San Pedro St., L.A
11a to 5p both days

Aug 29 – Sept 3
Kofu Bonsai Kai annual show
at the Bowers Museum
2002 N. Main St. Santa Ana

Come Join Us

Next Meeting
Date: August 12, 2017
Time: 7pm
LAC Arboretum, Palm Room
301 N. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, Ca  91007

No Board Meeting in August

2017 Monthly Meeting Dates

August 12 — Cesareo Perez
September  9 — Ted Matson
October 14 — Jim Barrett

2017 Refreshment Schedule

August — Judy Anthony, Marge Blasingame, Dave Miles, Wendy Tsai
September — Potluck meeting at home of Steve & Judy Anthony
October — Linda Gonzalez, Judy Anthony, Peter Macasieb, Allan Sigimura