August Meeting Update

Santa Anita Bonsai Society August 2020 meeting is cancelled

Santa Anita Bonsai Society Members,

The county has not yet approved the reopening of meeting rooms at the Arboretum, so our August meeting has been cancelled.  I hope all of you have been able to stay safe and healthy during this long period of ups and downs with covid-19.

The heat of summer is here, and watching our trees during the heat is important.  Watering in the morning before heat builds up allows our trees more time to use the moisture before evaporation.  When the temperatures exceed 100 degrees, a second, lighter application of water in the late afternoon can help trees recover from the excessive heat.  You can always do a basic moisture check by sticking your finger into the soil about an inch.  If it is dry, you should probably water.  Watch for wilting leaves that are otherwise healthy.  Your trees will tell you when they need water.

The third installment of Peter Macasieb’s twisted Itoigawa demonstration should be up on our website soon, so be sure to check it out.  It is a great lesson and worth trying out.

While you are on the computer, Google “bonsai” and you will find lots of bonsai related info and videos.  You can search “Tom Lau” and find his bonsai videos that are well done.  There is much to watch to help keep our enjoyment of bonsai satisfied.  The GSBF magazine “Golden Statements” is available at

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lorraine & I at [email protected] or via our website at

Stay well, and I will keep you informed about any upcoming chances to safely meet.