Newsletter – November 2014

2014-11-Img04Bonsai Notebook

The last meeting of the calendar year will be very special.  Our guest demonstrator Nov. 8 will be Mauro Stemberger.  Born in 1978 in Feltre, Italy, Mauro now works as an architect and a bonsai artist.

At the age of 14 he became fascinated with bonsai and joined a local bonsai club in Feltre.  From 1994-2001 Mauro had the opportunity to take part in workshops with important European masters like Hotsumi Terakawa, Marc Noelander, Salvatore Liporace and others.  In2 005 he founded the Italian Bonsai Dream workshop, a place where enthusiasts could work on and enjoy bonsai.

From 2008-2010 Mauro was president of UBI (Italian bonsai association) and director of UBI Bonsai Magazine.  He oversees study groups twice a year in the U.S.A. and Mexico, and once a year in France and Australia.2014-11-Img01

Needless to say, the November meeting will be a rare opportunity to see a well-known international bonsai artist at work.  Mauro will work on a California juniper that was donated for the demo by Marge Blasingame.  The tree was collected many years ago by Harry Hirao, and he gave it to Marge a few years ago.  Someone will go home with a Harry Hirao tree styled by Mauro Stemberger.  What a great raffle prize.  Don’t miss it.

Meeting Time And Place: November 8, 2014 at 7pm   LAC Arboretum/ Palm Room

President’s Corner

We are at the end of another year, and for the club, it’s time to elect club officers (president, vice pres., secretary and treasurer) and board of directors for the next two years.  If anyone is interested in serving as an officer or board member, contact me at 909-519-5391.

We will vote on these positions at the Nov. meeting, so the officers and board can be  installed at our January potluck dinner meeting.

Now that the Summer and Fall heat has passed, it’s time to reduce your watering   schedule.  Your trees won’t need as much water, but as usual, don’t let roots dry out.  It’s also a good time to clean up around our benches.  Clear away debris and use fungicide and insecticide on the benches.  Be on the look-out at nurseries for potential material for the new year.    Above all, enjoy the holidays.

~Dave Miles

Mauro Stemberger  photos provided by M. Jonas

November Demonstration Tree donated by  Marge Blasingame

October Highlights

The October meeting, unfortunately, was cancelled because power went out at the         Arboretum.  Edison was unable to restore the power by meeting time.

The club members who came, lingered near the parking lot and had quality social time.   We couldn’t have a meeting, but it was too soon to go home.  Frank Yee showed us his jade tree with corked bark, a rare occurrence apparently caused by the use of fungicides on the trunk.

Aynn and Tom Freeman brought out their refreshments and set up on a bench.  Aynn had prepared  small glass trays filled with a dressing dip complete with a broccoli “tree”    standing in the middle; very appropriate.  She also supplied additional veggies to use with the dip after the “tree” was eaten.

Robert Sencer brought home-made pumpkin cookies with a maple glaze.  They were      fantastic.  Thank you to Robert, Aynn and Tom for the wonderful refreshment presentation.  It helped facilitate our outdoor social time in lieu of the meeting.

What’s New

Watch for information about our January Potluck  Dinner details in the December 2014 Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Oct. 30 – Nov. 2 , 2014
GSBF Convention, Sacramento, Ca.

Nov 8
Mauro Stemberger demonstration at Santa Anita Bonsai Society

Dec 26 – Jan 2, 2015
Aiseki Kai Show
Huntington Botanical Center
10:30– 4:40 daily  closed 1/1/2015

Meeting Dates

Nov  8, 2014
Dec– no meeting
Jan  10, 2015– Potluck  Dinner

Next Meeting
Date: November  8, 2014
Time: 7pm
LAC Arboretum, Palm Room
301 N. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, Ca  91007

2014 Monthly Program

November: Mauro Stemberger
No meeting in December:  Happy Holidays

2015 Monthly Program

Jan 10, 2015  Potluck Dinner

2014 Refreshment Schedule

November:  P. Macasieb, J. Cervantes, G. Gonzalez, E. Janza

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