Newsletter – October 2013

Bonsai Notebook

We welcome back Marcus Juniel as our October presenter.  Marcus has been involved in bonsai since the 1990’s.  He has studied with Harry Hirao, Ted Matson, David Nguy, Roy Nagatoshi, and Jung Soo Kim from Korea.  Marcus is known for his work on conifers including California junipers, shimpaku junipers, Japanese black pine, and prostrata junipers.  Marcus and his wife Maria have two children, and spending time with his family is a very high priority.

Marcus is exceptional when it comes to working on a tree and sharing his thoughts and strategy as he works.  We look forward to an entertaining and educational demonstration by  Marcus.

-Dave Miles

Next Meeting

Date: October 12, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm  (board meeting to begin at 6:00 pm before general meeting)
Location: LAC Arboretum, Palm Room
301 N. Baldwin Ave.
Arcadia,Ca 91007
Demonstration by: Marcus Juniel
Refreshments by: M&R Blasingame, P. Macasieb, F. Yee

President’s Corner…..

The newsletter format has changed this month.  The change will include  having the newsletter posted on our new website.  Additionally the newsletter will be available on-line via member emails.  If you want to continue  having the newsletter mailed to your home, then do nothing and it will be mailed.  However, if you would like to receive it as a downloadable file sent to your email address,   I invite you to send an email to me at [email protected] or register on our website by clicking on the “Mailing List” link.

Emails will be kept confidential and only used for newsletter purposes.   Sending the email electronically will help save “big” trees.

This is the first newsletter since the beginning of summer.  With that in mind, I hope everyone enjoyed the summer months.  The club did not have meetings at the Arboretum in July and August due to the Arboretum summer concert schedule.

We did, however, have two social events with some bonsai talk both months.  Thanks go to Peter and Marissa Macasieb for hosting a club get-together at their home in July.  Those who attended got to view Peter’s large collection and marvel at all the great trees.  Peter talked about some of his trees and their development, and we enjoyed club-provided refreshments and relaxing social time.

In August, Steve and Judy Anthony graciously opened their beautiful home to the club.  The valley views from their backyard deck were spectacular.  Once again we talked bonsai, enjoyed refreshments and pleasant social time.  Robert Sencer had previously volunteered to build the club a new website.  He got the green light from the Board, and Robert presented his version of a new website at the Anthony’s home on widescreen television.  The new website was a unanimous hit with members.  You can view the new website now at  By the time you are reading this article it has been made available at our current website address.

Robert produced a beautiful, user-friendly site for members and the general public.  We are lucky to have his computer talent in our club.

-Dave Miles

September Meeting Highlights

The September meeting featured the most recognizable bonsai master in California, Harry Hirao.  Harry brought a double-trunk California juniper that he styled with assistance of Peter Macasieb.

2013-10-01-Img02As Harry and Peter worked on the tree, Tom Culton provided a narrative.  He talked about the  process of collecting California junipers in the Mojave area with Harry, potting the trees, and caring for the newly collected trees to enhance their chances of survival.


The evening was capped off with our raffle, and Harry’s demo tree was won by Peter Macasieb.  Congratulations to Peter, who obviously had a vested interest in the tree.

-David Miles

What’s New

The SABS Bonsai Notebook will now be available online and via email or US mail.

If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter electronically please send your email contact  information to Dave Miles at:  [email protected]  or register on our website by clicking on the “Mailing List” link. (Your email information will be kept confidential for newsletter purposes only and will not be shared.)

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Upcoming Events

Annual Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention
Burbank, Ca
Oct 30 – Nov 3
For Details :

Meeting Dates

Oct 12, 2013 – Demo by Marcus Juniel, Refeshments by M&R Blasingame, P. Macasieb, F. Yee
Nov 9, 2013 – Demo by Kathy Benson, Refreshments byJ. Cervantes, E. Janza, D. Miles.  D. Teague
December – no meeting
Jan 11, 2014 –  Holiday Potluck & Installation of  Officers

New Members

Jorge  Rodriguez

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