Newsletter – July 2013

Fred Miyahara on Black Pine

Photos by Peter Macasieb
Text by Dave Miles

The June meeting featured another San Diego bonsai expert, Fred Miyahara.  He gave a presentation on black pine care. Fred brought Michael Sykes back with him.  Michael demonstrated Fred’s candle pruning method as Fred explained.

Fred said candle cutting should be done from June to the middle of July and styling done in the fall.  He only uses the “10 day/10 day” candle pruning method on established, mature trees. Generally, all candles can be cut at the same time.


Fred starts with the shortest candles and works up the tree to the longest.  Balance is achieved by leaving more candles pairs around the short candle stub (weak areas) and fewer around the long candle stubs (strong areas).  After candle cutting, pull old needles, leaving more needles near the bottom of the tree and fewer pairs at the top.


Dave Marshak was the lucky winner of Fred’s tree.


2013 SABS Meeting Calendar

  • July 13:  Short Demo & Social @ Peter Macasieb’s house / Refreshments: Provided by Club
  • August 10:  Short Demo & Social @ Steve & Judy Anthony’s house / Refreshments: Provided by Club
  • September 14:  Harry Hirao / Refreshments: K. Teh, E. Chacon, J. Anthony, M. Jonas
  • October 12:  Marcus Juniel / Refreshments: P. Macasieb, F. Yee, M. Blasingame
  • November 9:  TBD / Refreshments: D. Miles, J. Cervantes, D. Teague, E. Janza
  • No Meeting in December

SABS Meeting Reminder

July 13, 2013 at Peter Macasieb’s

  • SABS Board Meeting at 6pm
  • Short demo and social at 7pm

For directions to Peter’s house [click here]
or call Peter at (626) 919-2268.

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