SABS Newsletter November 2023

Bonsai Notebook

Nov 2023

Founding President/ Sensei
Jim Barrett

Dave Miles

Next SABS Meeting:
Nov 11, 2023
LA Arboretum– Palm Room

(before general meeting)

We will finally be back at the Arboretum in the Palm Room for the November 11 meeting and will start at our regular time of 7:00pm.
To finish out the year, we are having a “Bring-Your-Own-Tree” Workshop supervised by Robert Hoogeveen.
Everyone who attended the Oct. meeting at Matt Denny’s Ale House learned of Robert’s credentials, experience and talent for styling bonsai trees.
He will be at the November meeting to look at members’ trees and make suggestions on how to move your tree to the next level.

We encourage members to bring a tree to work on and the tools and wire you might need.
As Robert moves from tree to tree, club members will also be available to help you if needed.
Depending on the number of trees brought in, Robert may have time to revisit trees that have been worked on for follow-up.
This will be a great opportunity for advice and learning how to develop your tree and should be enjoyable for all levels of experience with bonsai.
We are all friends in bonsai, so don’t be shy. Bring a tree and join in on the fun.

President’s Corner

The weather has finally started to cool.
It got very hot at the end of October, and I hope all of your trees survived the heat.
We should see Fall colors in our deciduous trees soon.
I have not seen any foliage coloring in our area yet, but it will come.

It is the time of year when we can generally start cutting back on our watering, but be mindful of any heat waves that might blow in.
Warm Santa Ana winds can dry out roots quickly.
Visit your trees daily, check the soil, and you will know when it is time to water.

Now is a good time to clean up around our benches, removing dead leaves and soil debris.
You can remove dead leaves from deciduous trees that have not fallen off.

Insects and fungus can be a problem during the dormant winter months.
There are a lot of good products available to control them.
Read the labels for recommended use with potted plants, and protect the roots from being damaged by chemicals.
When spraying foliage, cover the soil area so the spray doesn’t drip onto the soil.

I hope you enjoy the coming holiday season.


Members Corner

  • Welcome New Members:

Jason & Renee Chan & sons
Phiroze Titina

  • Santa Anita Bonsai Society is one of the oldest clubs in SoCAL– join us any time….
    2023-24 Annual dues are $20 for Individuals and $25 for family memberships.
    Dues may be paid by cash or check.

If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like to support SABS please contact Lorraine at [email protected] to receive a mail –in membership form.

  • A special “Thanks” to everyone who attended & purchased food at our Oct Matt Denny Alehouse Meeting.
    It was a very large scrumptious menu.
    Managers Scott and Kerrie & staff were so accommodating to our group.
    Matt Denny’s Ale House might be a great place to stop in for dinner before a meeting

October 2023 Meeting Highlights

Our adventure meeting at Matt Denny’s Ale House was a big hit.
Some members want to meet there regularly, but we will keep it in our toolbox for possible use again when needed.
The food was great with a wide variety available on the menu.
The staff took good care of us, and they also enjoyed keeping an eye on the developing bonsai styled by Robert Hoogeveen.

Robert worked on an olive tree that the club had purchased at Eastern Leaf Nursery during our previous meeting.
He initially talked about the alternating leaf structure and explained that vertical pointing leaves will promote branching also vertical, up or down.
Conversely, horizontal leaves lead to branches growing horizontally, side to side.
By keeping this in mind, you can prune directionally based on where you want branches to go.
Robert also explained the importance of hiding your pruning cuts by cutting just ahead of a front facing horizontal leaf, so the cut isn’t visible from the front.
He took the time to walk around the room and show everyone, close-up what the cut looked like.
He learned this from John Naka, and he shared many memories of his time as a student of John Naka.

Robert explained the reasons for his branch choices and placement as he removed branches that were not needed for the styling he was pursuing.
When finished, the olive had been transformed from a bush to an elegant young bonsai, ready to fill out to its styled potential.

Susan Dao was the lucky raffle winner of Robert’s tree.

Thanks again to Robert for his wonderful presentation.

“Thank You” to our October Raffle Donors

Helen & Jim Barrett
Jerry Banuelos,
Sue Cook
Manuel Dizon
Mike Kelly
Dave Miles
Vic Shelton

The Table was very full, and many members left with new worthwhile bonsai items

SABS appreciates your support !!!!

2023-2024 Monthly Meeting Dates

Nov 11— Location: LA Arboretum
“bring your own tree “ Workshop
hosted by Robert Hoogeven

Dec 2023—- no meeting HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Jan 13, 2024– This meeting has been cancelled all members are encouraged to attend the Baikoen Silhouette Show and Reception the weekend of Jan 13-14 at the Arboretum

Feb 10,2024— Annual Mtg
Potluck Dinner with large raffle table
program: “Bonsai Bingo”
club will provide main dish
bring your favorite appetizer, salad or dessert more details in the holiday newsletter

Refreshment Schedule– Nov 11
“ad lib” refreshments
Appetizers, snacks & dessert

Please bring your own and maybe something to share with our group

Water provided

Upcoming Events

Nov 4-5
California Bonsai Society 66th Annual Exhibit
Huntington Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino,
10a-4p, demos at 1p daily.
Visit for information on the need for reservations

Nov 18
Fresno Bonsai Society Fall Sale and Auction
Clovis Botanical Garden
945 Clovis Ave.

Jan. 13-14, 2024
Baikoen Winter Silhouettes Show, 60th edition
L.A. County Arboretum, Ayres Hall,
watch for further details


Next Meeting

Date: Nov 11, 2023
Time: 7 pm

Location: Palm Room LA Arboretum
301 N Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, CA 91007

Board Meeting at 6p
before general meeting

Everyone Welcome

for questions: [email protected]