Newsletter October 2021

Bonsai Notebook

Meeting Time And Place:
Oct 9,2021 at 7:00pm
LAC Arboretum/ Palm Room

6pm Board Meeting before general meeting
Open to all – please join us if you are interested in 2022 planning

We will be returning to the Arboretum for our Oct. 9 meeting at 7:00pm. Our guest demonstrator will be Lindsay Shiba, and he will be working on a rock planting for us.

Lindsay started his bonsai training when he was just 11 years old. He learned from his father, Katsumi Shiba, and in 1972 he began studying with Khan Komai. Under Khan’s tutelage, Lindsay refined his talent for bonsai and developed a love and understanding of the formal display of bonsai. Lindsay has given presentations on formal display across the United States and Mexico.

He worked at and later co-owned his family’s nursery business in Upland where he also taught Bonsai classes. The nursery property was sold a few years ago, ending a long tradition in the Shiba family. Lindsay is an active part of Baikoen Bonsai Kenkyu-Kai, as well as California Bonsai Society and Nanpu-Kai.

Join us in October for our return to the Arboretum and a great learning experience with Lindsay Shiba.

President’s Corner

Wow! We just experienced another hot spell. I hope all your trees are doing well. We have officially passed through the last days of summer, and I hope cooler weather will be the new norm for a while.

Entering the Fall season is a good time for collecting seeds to start new trees. You can start trees from seed and potentially have a nice shohin size tree in five or six years. I don’t think we ever get tired of seeing new tree shoots pop through the soil and new buds emerge from cuttings.

October also brings the GSBF Rendezvous in Santa Nella which will be held on the 2nd and 3rd. The best part of the event is that it is free to participants. You will have to pay for a room. There will not be any banquets, but the host hotel, Mission de Oro, has a restaurant for meals in addition to other local dining locations.

The event will include demonstrations, critiques, silent auctions, and a large vendor area. Demonstrators include Sam Adina, Scott Chadd, Paul Holtzen, Pauline Muth, David Nguy, Eric Schrader, and Matthew Walker. Mel Ikeda will host his Tomodachi friends for styling bonsai that will be donated to the silent auctions.

You can download the event schedule of activities by searching “GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous” on your computer. We have been without bonsai events throughout the pandemic, so the Rendezvous will be a great opportunity to see familiar faces and surround yourself with everything bonsai.

Anytime you have any questions please feel free to contact Lorraine & I at [email protected] or via the SABS website at


September 2021 Meeting Highlights

In September we were treated to another memorable evening at the home of David and June Nguy. Prior to the program, we had the pleasure of walking through David and June’s bonsai collection. It was inspiring to see all the beautiful trees and be in awe of the effort and talent it took to create such a collection.

David entertained us by styling a San Jose juniper with plentiful foliage. He provided a special learning experience talking about the art of bonsai and explaining his work as he progressed. He emphasized studying the movement of the tree to decide the most appropriate style for it. David’s San Jose juniper had movement suggesting a semi-cascade style. The tree had branching to provide a good apex that David said was critical for the cascade style, and he proceeded with his work. He told us to have a design or picture of a finished style in your mind, and work toward your image.

Lou Camerota assisted David in trimming and wiring branches, and David positioned the selected branches into his finished design. Watching and listening to David throughout his work culminated with him donating his tree to our raffle. We are grateful for his generosity.

Thanks again to both David and June for providing a wonderful evening for our members. They both give a great deal of themselves to the art of bonsai, and we appreciate them.

We had another large number of raffle items that went home with our members, and David Melitz was the lucky winner of the demo tree

Members Corner

The newsletter, updates and better quality photos are always available on our website

Many of you have questions about Club dues. For all who paid in 2020 prior to the close down, your membership will remain current thru Dec 2021. For those of you joining in 2021 your membership will extend until Dec 2022.

Please note: Board Meeting at 6p prior to the general meeting

Thank You To our September Raffle Table Donors

Jerry Banuelos,Y.S.Farn, Mike Kelly, David & Debra Melitz, Dave Miles, David & June Nguy, Robert Sencer & Frank Yee……
And to all who so generously purchase tickets.

Upcoming Events

October 2-3
GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous
Hotel Mission de Oro, Santa Nella, 9a-4p daily with demonstrations, critiques, vendors, no banquets, see website for details,

Oct 16
Sale of mame and larger pots, toolsand additional bonsai items at the home of Jim Barrett 480 Oxford Rd, Arcadia 91006
9a-2pm: no early entry- lottery may be used if necessary, cash or check only for questions contact Dave Miles 909 519 5391

Come Join Us

Next Meeting:
Date: Oct 9, 2021
Time: 7 pm
LA County Arboretum
Arcadia, CA 91006
Palm Room

Board Meeting
6pm – Prior to general meeting everyone welcome

2021 Monthly Meeting Dates

Oct 9 — LAC Arboretum – Lindsay Shiba
Nov 13 — Longo Toyota – program TBA
Dec 11 — no meeting for the holidays
Jan 8, 2022 — Longo Toyota — Louis Camarota

Refreshment Schedule

Oct 9 — Julio Martinez, Y.S. Farn
Nov 13 — ???

2021-22 Refreshment Sign ups will be available at the Oct meeting