Newsletter – September 2018

Bonsai Notebook

We have another great road trip planned for our September 8 meeting. David and June Nguy will be hosting the meeting at their home in Chino at 6:00pm. Members are encouraged to arrive as early as 5:00pm to walk through the gardens. We are meeting early to take advantage of the daylight, and we will have a potluck dinner surrounded by David’s beautiful bonsai collection. In addition, David will be our demonstrator for the meeting and he will be working on a San Jose juniper. What an opportunity for us, to have one of the best bonsai artists in the world share his talents exclusively with us!
David is well known throughout the bonsai world for his work with California junipers and Japanese black pine. He has studied with Harry Hirao, Ben Oki, and Ernie Kuo. David also traveled to Japan and studied with Masahiko Kimura.

David has traveled throughout the United States doing demonstrations and participating as a headliner at bonsai conventions. He has been active with the Golden State Bonsai Federation for many years and currently serves as 2nd vice president.

Come and join us for a potluck dinner and an exciting night of bonsai.

Meeting Time And Place:
Sept 8 at 6pm at the
Home of David & June Nguy

President’s Corner

As announced at the August meeting, we will not be meeting at the Arboretum in November. Unfortunately, the Arboretum recently scheduled a special event that will preempt our meeting. No final decision has been made regarding our options for a meeting in November.

It has always been important to me that we maintain our meeting schedule to keep our club active and our members engaged. For several years now, we have met twice during the summer at alternative locations because of scheduled concerts, and it has worked very well. This new cancellation was a surprise, and I hope it will not be an annual event.

If anyone has an idea about our November meeting, please let me know. We will make a decision about whether or not to meet by our Oct. meeting night.

On a more pleasant note, it looks as if our summer heat wave may be subsiding. Temperatures seem to be dropping to more comfortable levels. We will soon be coming into the Fall season and even cooler weather. I have been trimming back burn damage on some of my trees to make way for new growth, and in some cases, a new look; onward and upward.


Members Corner

For directions to David and June’s CLICK HERE.

Please note the September 8 meeting time change to 6pm to allow for maximum lighting during the evening

August Meeting Highlights

Jason Chan did a great job displaying his styling talent for us in August. He worked on very nice prostrata juniper with lots of branches to work with. He got our members involved picking a front for the tree and a planting angle.

Jason said he has a general idea what he will do in shaping a tree, but as he works, the tree reveals itself more. He lets the tree dictate how he progresses with the styling.

Jason explained how he looks for movement and taper and tries to avoid straight branches. He used raffia on the thicker branches to protect against the heavy bending to be done. He also cleaned foliage on branches to make room for wire.

A branch bending technique Jason employed involved bending a branch into position by hand before applying wire to hold the position. He believes the technique helps minimize bounce-back while the branch is setting.

Jason likes to wire all the branches and holds off cutting a branch until he is sure it won’t be needed before he finishes. His demonstration produced a beautifully styled tree.

Mike Kelly was the lucky raffle winner who took Jason’s tree home.

Thank You to our August Meeting Raffle Donors
Jerry Banuelos, Mel Carillo, Liz Do, Gabriel Gonzalez, Mike Kelly, Dave Miles, Jim Pelling, Frank Yee

New Members
Nick Kapp

Newsletter Update

If you have a knack for writing, a story to tell, a photo or something you would like to share in our newsletter please submit it to Lorraine & Dave prior to the 20th of any month at: [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Sept 5-9
Kofu Bonsai Kai Annual Show
at the Bowers Museum 2002 N. Main St., Santa Ana 10a-4p

Sept 29-30
San Diego Bonsai Club 53rd Annual Show
Casa del Prado Rm #101, Balboa Park 10a-5p daily
bonsai trees and related items on sale

Oct 24-28
Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention
McClellan Conference Center, Sacramento
Additional info at

Come Join Us

Next Meeting
Date: Sept 8, 2018
Meeting Time: 6pm
Garden walk: 5pm
At the home of David & June Nguy

No Board Meeting in Sept

2018 Monthly Meeting Dates

Sept 8  —  David Nguy Potluck dinner meeting at the home of David & June Nguy
Oct 13  —  Ken Fuentes
Nov 10  —  Dennis Makashima

2018 Refreshment Schedule

Sept  —  Potluck, bring a favorite dish: a side, salad or dessert
Oct  —  D. Ryerson, J. Peters, L&G Gonzalez
Nov  —  W & O Chin, P. Macasieb, W. Tsai

We are hoping to form a new hospitality committee. Anyone interested in helping with the Club Potlucks, meeting refreshments table or the Annual Show kitchen please contact Lorraine for more information.
… lots of fun, a little bit of work and first look at all the wonderful treats…..
email: [email protected] cell: 909 595 9620