Newsletter – October 2016

2016-10-img01Bonsai Notebook

We have two meetings left before our December break and the new year. The October meeting will feature a demonstration by our own Peter Macasieb.  Peter is a very well known bonsai expert, teaching workshops and demonstrating his skills in grafting and styling.

Peter belongs to several local clubs besides ours including California Bonsai Society, Nampu Kai and Kofu Bonsai Kai.  If you have been to Peter’s house you know his huge collection includes trees of all sizes, but his shohin collections seems to have grown the most.

Peter will be styling shohin material for us at the meeting.  Creating the image of a large tree with shohin size plant material is indeed a creative task.  There may be several opportunities for members to take home a beautiful shohin, so don’t miss your chance.


Meeting Time And Place:
October 8, 2016 at 7pm
LAC Arboretum/ Palm Room

President’s Corner

October brings us the annual Golden State Bonsai Federation convention.  This year it will be held in Sacramento from Wednesday Oct. 26 through  Oct. 30.  The workshops, demonstrations, exhibit, and vendorarea make the  convention a “Disneyland” for bonsai enthusiasts.  The headliners, Ryan Neil and Bjorn Bjorholm will be sharing their talents with demos and seminars.

If you have not attended a convention and don’t mind a road trip, I recommend going, even as just an observer.  The art of bonsai is a never-ending learning  experience, and the convention supplies an abundance of learning opportunities.  Check out the website at for information.

Even though our summer has been extended with the current heat wave, we are coming into the fall season.  If you are interested in starting trees from seed, now is a good time to collect seeds in preparation for planting.  No matter how long we may have been involved in developing bonsai trees, there is nothing quite like having a seedling pop through the soil as the beginning of a new tree.  An   advantage to having a seedling is you can create movement early and grow a bonsai in a styling you started from scratch.  You can have a shohin tree in a short time!

~Dave Miles

September Highlights

We had a relaxing and informative meeting under the stars in September.  Steve and Judy Anthony  hosted the meeting, and we thank them for sharing their home with us.

Dick Ryerson brought his potter’s wheel along with attachments that make it possible for him to shape an oval pot.  Dick and his father-in-law invented the mechanism for the shaping, and it was a special treat  for club members to watch Dick demonstrate its use.  He started with a slab of clay and ended with a beautifully shaped large oval pot.  No one else makes pots in this way, so we witnessed a very unique process.  Thank you Dick for sharing you invention and your pot making talents.

For those of us in attendance we had a fine selection of food to enjoy while watching Dick.  We also took in the scenic panorama from the Anthony’s back yard.  The visuals and socializing combined for a very pleasant summer evening.


Dick Ryerson demonstrating how to throw an oval pot

Newsletter Update

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Members Corner

Club history continued:

The 1969 bonsai show literature included a statement on bonsai and eligibility for membership in the club.  Part of the statement read, ”The main qualification for membership in the Santa Anita Bonsai Society  is a sincere interest in bonsai”…  it went on to suggest having a basic knowledge of methods and techniques.  (Today, having a sincere interest is important, but prospective members can learn basics from demonstrations and interaction with members).
Look for more next month…

Upcoming Events

Sept 28 – Oct 2 — Kofu Kai Annual Exhibit
Bowers Museum
2002 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA

Oct 27-30 — 39th Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention
Double Tree by Hilton
2001 Point West Way
Sacramento, CA
more details at

Come Join Us

Next Meeting

Date: October 8, 2016
Time: 7pm
LAC Arboretum, Palm Room
301 N. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, Ca  91007

There will be a Board Meeting  at 6:00pm prior to the general meeting

2016 Monthly Meeting Dates

Oct  8 — Peter Macasieb
Nov 12 — Bob Pressler
Dec  — no meeting

2016 Refreshment Schedule

Oct   — M. Dawid,  G. Gonzalez,  P. Macasieb, R. Pachorek
Nov   — J. Anthony,  P. Macasieb, J. Tsai

A very special “Thank You” to Steve & Judy Anthony for sharing their home and amazing backyard with SABS

Donor Thank You to Barbara Wright for her many years of supporting SABS