Newsletter – October 2015


2015-10-Img01Bonsai Notebook

Frank Yee will be our October 10 demonstrator.  He is a long-time club member and board member whose familiar face is known by all.  Frank started in bonsai forty-five years ago when he took a bonsai class at a community college.  He was immediately attracted  to the ancient art form and has been working with bonsai ever since.

He was influenced early on by the advice of John Naka and has been inspired by the trees of bonsai masters on display at the Huntington Japanese Garden.  Besides his talents as a bonsai artist, Frank sells bonsai trees and related items at major events like the Bonsai-A-Thon and the GSBF convention.


Years ago, Frank taught “The Art of Bonsai” classes for the Los Angeles Board of Education Adult Division.  He has been a regular demonstrator for the club at our annual show, and he was selected as the “Featured Artist” for this year’s Sierra Madre Art Fair.  It will be a treat for all to have Frank as our “featured demonstrator” at the October meeting.

Meeting Time And Place:
October 10, 2015 at 7pm
LAC Arboretum/ Palm Room

President’s Corner

October brings the annual Golden State Bonsai Federation convention.  It will be held at the Riverside Convention Center Oct. 29 through Nov. 1.  This year’s theme is Bonsai Fusion – “Where Tradition Meets Innovation”.  I encourage those interested in bonsai to attend some if not all of the convention events.  Details are available at or by emailing [email protected]

The convention includes a tree dig, suiseki hunt, multiple demonstrations, workshops, seminars, critiques, a tree exhibit, and a room full of vendors.  There is a full-registration fee as well as one-day registration fees.  You can go to the vendor area and the tree exhibit without paying for registration.  It’s a good opportunity to stock up on bonsai related items or purchase new tree material.  Please honor the fee structure if you wish to attend any other events.

Peter Macasieb will be hosting a trident maple shohin workshop (already sold out) on Friday, Oct. 30.  You can attend this workshop or any others as an observer with one of the registration choices.  Being an observer is the next best thing to actually participating.  You will learn a lot.


September  Highlights

We had a terrific evening at the home of Steve and Judy Anthony for our Sept. meeting.  The weather was great, and the views were fabulous.

Dick Ryerson treated us to a demonstration showing how to “throw” a new bonsai pot on a potter’s wheel.  We all need and use bonsai pots for our trees, but rarely get to see the origin of our pots.  Naturally, our trees are our main focus, but planting them in an appropriate pot is important to the overall presentation.  Watching Dick work the raw clay into a familiar pot shape gave us an appreciation for the ceramic-art side of our hobby.

2015-10-Img02Dick explained the process as he went along and also answered questions.  He brought pots in various stages of completion, so we could see the progression from a plain lump of clay.

When he finished, Dick made his wheel available for us to play with some clay.  Gabriel Gonzalez stepped up, and using his own past experience and Dick’s guidance, made a pot of his own.

2015-10-Img03Thanks to our members in attendance, there was an abundance of food for all.   The demonstration, food, and backyard view provided for a great social event.  We were particularly fascinated by the laser-light display on Steve and Judy’s large oak trees.  “Thank you” to Steve and Judy Anthony for their hospitality and to Dick Ryerson for bringing all of his equipment and providing a demonstration.

What’s New

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If you have a favorite demonstrator we haven’t seen for awhile or have an idea for a meeting presentation, share it with Peter.  It is always helpful to have new ideas.

Coming soon: Our new section “SABS Members Corner” highlighting our members.

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Come Join Us

Next Meeting
Date: October 10,  2015
Time: 7pm
LAC Arboretum, Palm Room
301 N. Baldwin Ave
Arcadia, Ca  91007

No Board Meeting in October

2015 Monthly Meeting Dates

Oct  10  —  at the LAC Arboretum
Demo: Frank Yee

Nov 14  —  at the LAC Arboretum
Lindsay Shiba: Bring Your Own Tree Workshop

Dec      —     no meeting

2015 Refreshment Schedule

Oct  —  M. Bullington, T&A Freeman, P. Macasieb, A. Sugimura
Nov —  M. Atkison,  J. Cervantes,  G. Gonzalez, E. Janza, R. Sencer